Fotor050670011With family in Torino and in Sicilia, it should be no surprise that we have family in Rome too, which is where we finished our trip. For me, the city of Rome has more significance, it’s where I studied. One of my favorite places is the Spanish Steps because you can see a decent part of the city from the top. After a bit of shopping, we got lunch at the “Tre Sorelle” where I had some great lamb. Closing the day with more shopping and more wandering which is my favorite thing to do, especially in Rome. The trip concluded a few days later.

After my second trip to Italy, I would always come back with a new appreciation to something in the states that Italy just doesn’t have. Most of the time it’s food, the first time was American soft served ice cream, which is blasphemous considering I was coming from the land of gelato. No matter what, I love a vanilla-chocolate twist with a crunch coat. Then it was hamburgers, we just do them better here. After I studied abroad, it was my family and eventually the Italian-American culture dynamic in the States. This time around, it was breakfast in its entirety. I absolutely adore big breakfasts in the states. I also learned something else. I could never happily work in Italy. Making job connections is 100% more important in Italy it is in the states. The few times I accompanied my aunt to meet with people for the tour company everyone wanted to know everything about her: where she grew up, how she learned Italian, where her family was from and so on and so on. While I think it’s important and necessary in some cases in the states; in Italy it’s mandatory, or so it seems. Italians aren’t just content with a deal and handshake. At the same time, that’s the charm of the country. People seem invested; not only in the ideas, but what influenced it and it feels genuine when they ask. Over all that’s the point of my aunts mission through travel. Knowing the people and the country on a more intimate level, making you feel like you have become a part of it in some way. Though for every difference there is a similarity and it’s fun discovering them, and in my opinion one of the main reasons to travel (food also plays a huge role, I go a lot for the food). When you really boil it down the differences are trivial and in the end, we are really all the same, as the Italian saying:

“Tutto il mondo è un paese.” – “The entire world is one country.”