Via Mondo Travel & Wellness Vacations

Thank you so much for putting together the best tour. My husband and I had a wonderful time. ~ Andrea

The Via Mondo Difference

There are four key components, which sets Via Mondo apart from the rest.

1. Free Adventures

Via Mondo promises personal time to explore the beautiful treasures of an area at your own pace, each tour allows plenty of space to wander around quaint villages, whimsical towns and authentic cities. Our expert knowledge, local connections and knowledgeable staff will provide the support you need to meander around with ease. That’s one reason why Via Mondo stands out from other adventure travel companies.

2. Unique Activities

At the same juncture, we offer many spectacular activities in European cities. What other adventure travel companies let you venture historical grounds and examine the hidden gems familiar to locals, but unfamiliar to outsiders? Travel packages help you discover Italy’s ‘gold’, sip rich wine, and succumb to Italy’s simple pleasures. Stimulate your palate at one of our hand picked restaurants, slowly savor a home cooked meal, and let your senses explode over a delectable picnic. Unwrap the secrets of Mediterranean cuisine and century old artisan craftsmanship. Let your adventurous spirit soar with a multitude of day trips ranging from walking to skiing. Enjoy the Opera or be entertained by a play. Music anyone? Unlike other adventure travel companies, we take particular care in providing quality activities to deepen your involvement. Outings are tailored around local events, customs and traditions.

3. Connect

Each trip sets aside a day to assist an organization uniquely important to the area. The program creates a respectful exchange to generate the ultimate outcome about the people and the region. We’ve seen amazing connections forged with the people of Italy and Europe. Other adventure travel companies make it about the tourism—we organize your trip around the people and culture! Connect is arranged to enhance your experience, create lasting memories and friendships, and provide a solid platform to connect with residents through community involvement. Connect breaks down cultural barriers with interactive activities. We are dedicated to giving back to the amazing communities we visit; If you’re interested in helping out through volunteer opportunities, please ask!

4. Wellness

On every travel package, we offer the chance to unwind and reflect on the upcoming events and activities, and also ponder the previous days’ connections. With other adventure travel companies, you might feel exhausted and overwhelmed by all the sights. After all, you can’t truly enjoy a vacation unless you slow down and truly appreciate the wonder of a place. We believe the mind, body and spirit requires time to soak up the new ambience, cuisine and community of a place. Travel takes its toll on all individuals. To immerse into the way of life, it is helpful to be open to the riches around you.  On several itineraries, we partner up with hotels and resorts to offer yoga classes, include spa treatments and health programs for those interested in a balanced vacation. For instance, a yoga session in the morning gives you a chance to reflect on the experience and also prepare for the wonderful surprises just around the corner. Via Mondo’s tagline is Wander, Peruse, Return and here, I would like to add, Repeat. Namaste!