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What’s Included

"We looked everything over last night....we look forward to receiving the docs in the mail. Thank you SOOOOO much! You are the best!!!" ~ Jill

Travel Packages Included On Every Trip To Italy

Via Mondo offers the best travel packages which includes, first class travel guide, gratuity, trip accommodations, most meals, transportation during the trip, private excursions and more, on your travel to Italy.

The Via Mondo difference continues with exclusive travel packages and benefits on each travel to Italy. We offer the best value in the industry. Here is list of a few things we could come up with, but I’m sure we left something out. We promise satisfaction and intimate experiences. Expect to be wowed. We pride ourselves in superior customer services.

First Class Travel Guide

On every trip, we offer first class travel guide. The service, knowledge, passion, and local connection that our travel guide have makes each and every travel to Italy, a trip of a lifetime.

Tour Guide Gratuity Option

Since we love our tour guides and believe them to be the best in the industry, we offer you the chance to pre-pay your tour guides ahead of time. We stand by our tour guides. If you feel the quality of service was not adequate, your tip is refundable within 30 days.

Hand Picked Accommodations

Every night you will look forward to a peaceful evening in the regions best sleeping quarters. Depending on the area you will stay at either a hotel, B&B, villa or royal estate. Every tour has 3 or 4 star trip accommodations hand picked for the location, customer service and authentic regional flare.

Semi-All Inclusive

All breakfasts, and most lunches and dinners are included in the price. Every trip, guests have the chance to explore and discover local cuisine on their own. Of course, guides are on hand to provide suggestions and offer their favorite restaurants in the area.

Smooth Connections

All of our trips to Italy take place in central locations as well as quaint regions off the beaten path. To make sure you arrive and leave safely, we provide scheduled shuttle services for each trip. During the trip, we provide transportation which varies from public transportation to a private shuttle. Regardless, we’ll be by your side every step of the way.

Private excursions, entrance fees, tastings and the like

We thought of everything, so you don’t need to. Since we don’t want you to miss out on anything, all of our cultural events mentioned in the itinerary are covered in the cost of your vacation.


We have covered the monetary thank-you’s deserving of our drivers, local experts and hospitality staff.

The Details

We take a great deal of pride to leave no stone unturned. We ask you to enjoy the hidden gems waiting for you around the corner, practice your Italian with our local friends and savor the mouth-watering eats.


Via Mondo is committed to provide personal experiences that last a lifetime. Connect is to enhance your understanding and knowledge through community activities. Through Connect, the essence of Italy is underlined and unfiltered. We are truly a hands-on approach to travel.


We support you throughout the trip. Our guides are at your service. Whether you require a massage appointment, a local wine suggestion or a place to find a midday snack, we have you covered.

Guest Packet

To visualize your upcoming trip to Italy with us, we provide a PDF packet filled with beautiful photographs, an itinerary detailing the trip and our accommodations. We also include additional information to answer your travel questions, so you are well prepared for the trip.

Lifestyle Specialist

Our staff is knowledgeable about the area, but most importantly, they are interested in getting to know you and your needs. If your question was not answered in our packet, then our Lifestyle Specialist will take care of you. Just call 855-268-3663. We look forward to serving you.

Via Mondo Merchandise

To help you pack for the trip, we provide the fundamentals on each tour.  In some cases, we substitute our packing essentials based on the tour features.

One month reminder

We know how it is before you go away on vacation. To put you at ease, we’ll send you an email with all the essential information. The email will include guide information, reminder of our meeting location, any last minute changes, and even, the weather conditions.

Thank you Gift

Of course, we all love gifts and we love to give them. Even though you are back from your vacation, we want to help you keep the memories alive with a collection of photos of the trip. We put together a gift pack of specific items to highlight your travels with us for years of fond memories.

Single Supplement

To personalize your trip, we offer solo travelers, who prefer to have their own room, with a single supplement to ensure comfort throughout the entire trip. (price varies on each destination)

Travel Insurance Protection

We even offer travel insurance protection in case of cancellation, travel interruptions and medical emergencies. (coverage restrictions apply). For complete policy coverage and for more information, please contact Travel Guard.

Mondo Membership

Your vacation is never over with us. Just after one travel to Italy, you are invited to join the Club Mondo loyalty program. As a Mondo member you are eligible for several benefits on our travel packages and off our tours.

Not Included

  • Airfare to and from the trip
  • Transportation to the trip pick-up location
  • Lodging before and after the trip
  • Gratuities for Via Mondo guides
  • Personal items purchased during the trip
  • Some meals are not included in each destination, which allows you the opportunity to explore the regional cuisine on your own.
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