Travel & Leisure announces the 50 best places to travel in 2020. If you are like me, you ask yourself, who didn’t make the list. Marketers pay a great deal to grace the pages of Travel & Leisure’s most famous list. When a traveler is looking for the trendiest places, it often amounts to how much you are willing for marketing executives to woo you. What is trending depends on you. After reviewing the list, several destinations caught my eye and for this reason, here are my personal favorites among the 50 that Via Mondo thinks you should consider this year.

Let’s begin with the good old United States. For many travelers, overseas places come to mind, but here in the US, we have some great luxurious options putting more value into the resort and activities and not the time and money it takes to arrive there. There is no particular order among these destinations and Via Mondo has researched these destinations with the hopes of returning again soon.

1. The Great Lakes has made the list and it’s about time. The Great Lakes is the next hot cruise destination. There are itineraries that include Quebec, Chicago, Milwaukee and the lovely Michigan’s Mackinac Island where the movie, Somewhere in Town filmed at the Grand Hotel.

2. Boston, Massachusetts was home for several years. With plenty of hotels to choose from, there is something for everyone and an eclectic food scene is heaven for a foodie. The city is easy and manageable to hit the museums and visit one of the Boston Harbor Islands National Recreation Area. Let’s not forget the famous Duck Tours!

3. It’s obvious why Maine made the list with its rocky coastline, maritime history and natural areas, home of Acadia National Park. Stay in a Scandinavian style cottages, glamping (camping in glamour) or pamper yourself in one of Maine’s coastal resorts like Cliff House Maine. We all think of lobsters, when we think of Maine, but chefs are pushing the envelope with local favorites.

4. California has so many great options to choose from. There is San Francisco, Napa Valley, San Diego and Los Angeles, but Travel & Leisure premiered the Central Coast, which is my personal favorite. This area usually is a stop along the coastal drive, but it is now a place of tranquility, fine wine and breathtaking countryside.

5. Big Island of Hawaii is another US must see place Via Mondo recommends from Travel & Leisure’s list. The island of Hawaii is the largest and the youngest among the islands. Grab some Kona coffee and visit Volcanoes National Park to view lava light water on fire. The natural beauty and ecological features attract nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts.

For overseas travel, here is what Via Mondo suggests:

6. Costa Rica is another place where nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts will love. Now with several glamping options and luxury spa hotels, you may rest easily after your outdoor adventure among the many national parks of rainforests, volcanoes and waterfalls. Witness and aid the sea turtles during the annual nesting migration. Truly a country where you will unwind and detach to succumb to the rugged mountains and coastal breezes.

7-8. From Central America to the Caribbean, there is Barbados and Turks and Caicos. Barbados is a former English colony, but inherited some of England’s favorites. If you like Polo Matches, then Barbados is your island. England’s top chefs avoid the winters in England and take their talents to Barbados. There are some exceptional restaurants like The Tides, Champers and Nishi restaurant. No matter when you go to Barbados, there’s a festival. Turks and Caicos is a favorite of mine. All the buildings and resorts are no taller than four stories high and the beaches stretch-out for miles. The sound of the ocean will lull you in a meditative state of mind. Grace Bay beach is often considered the best beach in the world. Visit Turks and Caicos this year! It is an easy Caribbean destination to travel to.

9. Croatia continues to make the list and now Rijeka, Croatia is European Capital of Culture. There is plenty to do in this port town. You’ll find several musical performances, art exhibits, museums and cultural events. This Adriatic gem sits along the sea surrounded by mountains with great beaches and fine architecture. The port is home to many yachts of several dignitaries and celebrities.

10. The last place on this brief list sits down under. Brisbane, Australia is a small city, extremely manageable and north of Gold Coast. Brisbane has an amazing climate, so visit anytime. In Queensland, you are able to hold a Koala and take a selfie with a Kangaroo at Lone Pine Sanctuary. From here, sail the coast and kayak the river. Chase after waterfalls and climb high above the trees on a tree top walk. The city is similar to Sydney, but smaller.

Some of the destinations on the Travel & Leisure list not mentioned above, but you should consider looking into are Asheville, North Carolina, Austria, New Zealand, Tasmania, Chile Lake District, Denmark and Kyoto, Japan. Whether this list matches your 2020 list, travel well and travel often. Keep Via Mondo in mind when you plan travel this year.