An interview with Jackie from Inspired Journey Consulting

Today we’re travel dreaming through the eyes of Rosemary Mondo, a wellness and luxury travel specialist. Traveling is a chance to expand our horizons, look within, test our comfort zones, and perhaps return reinvented. Popping into local shops, discover an item of clothing or an accessory that you hadn’t considered in your regular day-to-day. Suddenly, your scarf from Switzerland is more than just a winter must. It transports you back to the cool crisp air and the invigorating feeling you had each step of the journey. 

Now consider taking the adventure a step further. What about a haircut to commemorate the trip? Start your morning in Zurich with a five mile hike at Chäserrugg, a two hour train ride from the city followed by a funicular ride. Then take the cable car to the top for a picturesque view of the magnificent mountain. Now the hike down begins. Wave to the cows and sheep to show your respect for visiting their home. Try out your yodeling skills if you dare and bask in the escape to the Swiss mountains. 

After the invigorating morning, return to Zurich for an appointment at Pedro Sanchez in the heart of the city. This needs to be scheduled well in advance, but your travel advisor has that tip to prepare you. Enjoy a shoulder massage at the salon, a nice cup of tea, and cookies to complete the pampering experience. With a new professionally styled look, take yourself to dinner at Rosaly’s Restaurant & Bar serving traditional Swiss cuisine. It’s time to show off that new cut! Try the carrot and ginger soup to start followed by mushroom risotto or a classic Bratwurst.Getting a haircut, is a wonderful makeover when traveling. Rosemary recommends scheduling the hair appointment at the beginning of the trip to set the mood for fun and adventure.

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