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Guided Tours of Italy

Let’s explore Italy together with our guided tours!  Whether you want to take a dip in the Mediterranean or ski the Alps, Italy has it all and Via Mondo wants to take you there. Tours of Europe are not complete without a full immersion into Italian culture and cuisine. Offering wellness trips, luxury tours of Europe, and experiential travel, a guided tour of Italy through Via Mondo remains the ultimate vacation destination for singles, families, couples and everyone in between. Check out our guided tours of Sicily and Sardinia, some of the most classically “Italian” destinations.

We are always coming up with new Europe tours, itineraries, and new ways to explore Italy.  Looking for a tailor-made service for our Europe tours? Contact Us for a more personal touch.
See you in Italy!

“I had a lot of fun with the tour of Italy. On the volcanic island of Stromboli, we watched eruptions. We even saw a man that looked just like Santa standing next to a green and red boat.” ~ L.O.

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