Italy in the summer season is a marvelous sight to see and an awe-inspiring place to be explored. Italian culture flourishes in the 70 to 80 degree weather, and the people of Italy love to celebrate all that their country has to offer. Festivals and celebrations are an important aspect of Italian cultures, and the country flourishes with festivals based on religion, food, entertainment and virtually anything else celebration worthy.

The breath-taking Sicilian region of Italy is bountiful with events that showcase what the area has to offer. Via Mondo offers tours to Italy on various dates throughout the months between May and October. June 14 and June 15 will hold the Sicilian region Cherry Festival of Etna in Sant’Alfio. At the Cherry Festival local treasures can be found including markets, flowers and fruit, all representative of the local people and their lifestyle.

Sicily isn’t just known for its pizza (and incidentally cherries), however. The Taormina Film Festival is being held that same week in the Sicilian region. From June 12 to June 20, art fans and enthusiasts of the region celebrate the year’s films while engulfed in Italian culture and customs.

A little bit later in the year, Sicily’s lively approach to celebrating Italian culture continues with the Madonna della Luce procession on September 7 and September 8. While visiting Sicily with Via Mondo, an essential sight to see would be the religious parade fully equipped with floats and elaborate costumes representation of the region and paper mâchè religious figures. It is a joyful time for the people of the city, and making it a part of your trip to Sicily is highly recommended.

However, the celebrations are not exclusive to the southern portion of the country. Tuscany also offers a wide array of events in the summer months that draw people from all over the region. If visiting Tuscany in late June with Via Mondo, the Game of the Bridge is an event that was ranked one of the Best 10 Festivals in 2015 That You Cannot Miss Out in Italy by The Game of the Bridge is an event that dates back hundreds of years, and it is a large parade and celebration before opposing city teams battle for the bridge as per tradition. Being present for this festival is a unique taste of Tuscan culture that is not only relevant in present day, but it is a glimpse to the past as well.

If parades aren’t your cup of tea (or glass of wine, this is Italy, after all), Tuscany offers a different form of event to quench your need for Italian celebration. Also in late June, at the Piazza Santa Croce, is an annual event in which several sports teams participate in calcio fiorentino, or one of the earliest forms of modern day football that originated in Italy. The day is full of fun competition and sport, and it offers a full day of unique Italian tradition.
No matter where in Italy you choose to visit, the celebrations of the summer will not disappoint.