The sheer size and beauty of the legendary Alps stretch across the northern part of Italy connecting Switzerland and France.  There are a multiple of possibilities and options for dedicated skiers.  Whether you are a solo traveler, a couple, a family or group of ski-loving friends, you are sure to find the Alpine experience all you imagined it to be and more. Here are 10 reasons to plan your ski trip to the Alps.

1.        The accommodations we stay at are comfortable and convenient.  Your package includes transfers, lessons, meals, drinks après-ski parties, spas and more.  The savings to bundle your trip is substantial, and with everything taken care of ahead of time, you and your friends or family can concentrate fully on the mountain experience.

2.       Families who play together…can do anything together.  Traversing foreign mountain slopes with the entire family is an experiences everyone will remember for a long time.  If there are children or others in your party that are not quite ready for skiing or wish to take a break from it, then no worries.  There are many other ways to enjoy a winter holiday in the Alps, such as snowmobile riding, ice skating, cross-country skiing, sleigh rides and more.  Kids and teens may have fun with their peers while the grown-ups glide down the slopes and share a quiet drink together.

3.       The bucket list.  In France, they say:  “If you’ve never skied the Alps, then you’ve never skied.”  Those skiers who have honed their skills on the slopes of the Rockies and are looking for a new adventure or a change of scenery then a Alpine trip is the answer.  Regions like Courmayeur in Italy and Chamonix in France are widely regarded as the birthplace of Alpine skiing and they easily and magnificently fill that bill.  You can easily check off your list “skiing the Alps” with us.

4.       Those mountains are full of thrills.  Let’s talk about what serious skiers really want – the thrill of it all.  On average, the Alps provide a larger vertical drop than the Rockies.  Drop ranges from 4,500 to 6,000 feet compared to 1,200 to 2,500 drop range in the Rockies – now that is a Warren Miller film contender.  With help from professional ski instructors, travelers can enjoy off-piste runs and routes reserved for skilled skiers.  The Alps are at a higher altitude, which lends to better snow conditions and a longer season.  These are just some of the reason why nearly a third of the Winter Olympics are held in Italy, France or Switzerland.

5.       High-quality and high altitude dining.  Eateries that our out of this world unlike anything stateside.  You’ll enjoy a winter Michelin-starred restaurants and authentic local and regional specialties.  Those dedicated skies who want to re-energize and get back on the slopes quickly, they will have the chance to grab and go lunches or snacks.  Prearranged and included meals allows you to enjoy each meal without worrying about what each meal costs.

6.       The charm of local mountain towns.  Even though the mountains offer big thrills, the towns at the base offer up little ones.  On a earlier blog post, I spoke about travel tips and one of those tips was about your cell phone.  You will be happy to know that there is great cell phone coverage in these quaint, traditional, century old Alpine towns.  The modern world meets old world charm.  Keep those cell phones nearby to show all those back home what they are missing.  There is shopping, spas, fine dining restaurants and unique cafes.  The village of Courmayeur, for instance, offers an array of fashion boutiques, ski outfitters, jewelry stores and, of course, souvenirs.  The best part of these little villages is the local atmosphere.

7.       Scenic beauty from mother nature. Be sure to take in the beautiful views above the tree line and the miles of fresh snow, of course.  If it all goes by too fast while you are heading down the mountain on your skies or snowboard, then you can explore your surroundings on foot, cross-country skies or with snowshoes, accompanied by a guide.  You may spot a goat antelope or other unusual animals and plants.  Make sure your camera or iphone is fully charged – you’ll want to take plenty of pictures.

8.       Snow is fun! Perhaps you need some reminding of how  much fun snow can be.  A ski pole in hand rather than a snow shovel makes for very pleasant winter vacation.  Head East across the Atlantic rather than South next year for a winter wonderland in the Alps.  The skiing in France and Italy is absolutely out of this world!

9.       Early risers get a treat.   Unlike ski resorts in America, European slopes don’t get crowded until mid-morning.  You can take advantage of this European trend and head out early to have the ski runs pretty much all to yourself to carve out fresh tracks in the snow.  Enjoy unparalleled serenity as you take in the grandeur scenery.

10.   Après skiing at its best.  What better place to enjoy an after party where the term après-skiing was coined?  In Europe, the après-ski is different.  It’s all about the whole mountain experience, including the ambience, atmosphere and attitude.  You can spend cozy evenings by the fireplace while looking out over majestic mountains, or enjoy a festive evening among friends and make new friends as well at a lively bar.

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