Wellness is not just about spas.  Even though, the presences of a spa is essential when picking out a resort, hotel or retreat, but spending time walking in the woods or soaking up the rays and warm breezes off the Mediterranean sea may be the most healthy thing you can do for yourself.  A wellness vacation like this would reduce stress and anxiety, while building mental and physical well-being for all concerned.  Add in cultural immersion activities and farm to table meals just enhances the experience and ensures you’ll return home refreshed, rejuvenated and ready for daily life at home…and ready to plan your next trip.  Here are our top 10 reasons to take an Italy wellness vacation.

  1.  De-Stress:  Getting away to an Italian vacation is a bullet proof way to reduce stress.  Stay at a destination spa to really unwind.  It’s difficult to completely unwind if you keep paying for goods and services on vacation.  A wellness package provides the kind of carefree convenience you want and need on vacation.  Arranging a wellness vacation takes the hassle out of planning your trip on the fly.  Once you prepay the activities and meals, your mind is completely at ease on vacation making those experiences that more enjoyable.  No need to worry about tipping, since taxes and tips are included in all packages.
  2. Experience Something Different:  Your wellness vacation begins the time you leave work and board the jet, which brings you to rest and relaxation almost immediately.  When you arrive in Italy, you instantly feel the stress and anxiety leave your mind and body.  Start your first afternoon in Italy with a spa treatment.  An arrival treatment will set your mood for the trip.  Where ever you land in Italy, you’re in another world, one where the cypress trees line country roads, the sea penetrates the air, the olive groves and vineyards create a patchwork in the landscape and the sounds of warm breezes dust over the mountains.
  3. Be Adventurous:  You’ve always wanted to go snorkeling or scuba diving, or try a winter sport like heliskiing.  Or maybe you prefer something along the lines of a cooking class, art restoration demo or wine making – or pamper yourself with a variety of spa treatments.  Now you finally have the time to do these fun activities.  Scouring through the various wellness packages will give you the access to do all the above, including the lessons and equipment, where needed.
  4. Maintain Health:  Studies show that people who take at least two vacations a year lowers cardiovascular disease.  The physical benefits of getting away lowers anxiety and heart disease.  Double your chances to live a healthier lifestyle by arranging a wellness vacation in Italy.  There is no other place in the world that provides a more well-rounded wellness experience than Italy.  With its slow food movement, carefree attitude, its abundant mud bathes and springs to Italy’s forest bathing, Italy has it all! The combination of destination spas, resorts and urban hotels are blended together in where there is always one with a superior spa, where you can match the appropriate treatment to your wellness wants and needs.
  5. Positivity:  Going on a wellness vacation contributes to more positive emotions and helps reduce negative feelings and depression.  A recent study showed that people feel healthier and less tense while on a wellness vacation. They have more energy and are more satisfied.  A trip to Italy enhances this effect by encompassing all aspects of wellness, that is mind, body and soul removing you from your workday world.
  6. Better Sleep:  After a full day of fun filled activities, a relaxing massage, a scrumptious dinner and maybe a glass of wine, your body will be tired for all the right reasons and ready for a good night sleep.  If you choose to stay up late to enjoy the music planned for the trip, then it’s a different kind of tired and much better then worrying about this or that.  We know you’ll take your cell phone with you on vacation, but turn it off once your back in your room for the night.  Cell phone usage has been linked to insomnia and cutting into your sleep time.
  7. Discover the Self:  Being adventurous is a way to rediscover yourself.  You may find out something about yourself you never new or hadn’t thought of.  Maybe you have what it takes to be an alchemist creating fabulous wines or an excellent pastry chef.  The adventure you took underwater has made you even more curious about those creatures lurking beneath the water and now you want to study marine archaeology.  Or maybe you feel better and have a sense of accomplishment from your experience.  Perhaps another means of self-discovery is finding a resort that practices and introduces Ayurveda medicine, massage and diet.
  8. Plugin With Your Partner:  There are studies that show taking a wellness vacation makes people less likely to become tense, depressed or tired and are more satisfied with their romantic relationships.   A wellness vacation to Italy offers a plethora of activities for you and your significant other to do together and rekindle the partnership.  Many of your resorts offer couples massage, water sports, biking and hiking, fitness classes and more.  The country is filled with things to explore and experience together, including sunset cruise in Sardinia, a walk in the woods in Tuscany, skiing down Mt. Blanc in Aosta, scaling Volcano in Sicily, sipping on Limoncello in Amalfi or shopping for local crafts in Puglia.
  9. Return A Better You: Taking all the above into account, it’s impossible to return home from a wellness vacation in Italy without feeling better in mind, body and spirit.  You just feel better yourself.  The spa treatments did you a world of good and you’ve learned how to relax, physically and mentally.  Before you grab your cell phone to check your email, maybe you’ll look through the beautiful photos you took in Italy.
  10. Work Productivity:  According to several business journals, your company benefits from you taking a wellness vacation.  You are more productive, your morale is much better, you’ll stay at your current job longer and the health benefits are significant.  You’ll feel better about your job, you’ll get more work done more efficiently and the chances of your manager noticing are much greater and you’ll get rewarded for your quality of work – or at least encourage you to take all your vacation time for another wellness trip.