We compiled a list of the 10 must have items for travel this year. Some of them may be unexpected, but all of them are useful.  Before you go away this holiday season, take note of these helpful items we think have a place in your suitcase.  Whether you are traveling far or near, you’ll find we’ve put together the best top 10 packing items no matter where you are heading this year.  If you have one to add, let us know.    We would love to hear from you!  Happy packing!

  1. High quality headphones: Your small white buds may be good for a run, but they aren’t noise canceling. It’s vital that you have high quality headphones in case you want to catch some zzz’s, and it’s too loud.
  2. An old pair of sneakers: You may be wondering why you would need an old pair, but you never know where you will be trekking and what the conditions will be. You may even end up at a festival, so you are going to want a pair you don’t mind getting ruined.
  3. An extra sweater: It’s easy to take off layers, but if you’re cold it can really take a toll on your trip.
  4. Clif Bars: They’re usually harder to find in other countries if they even sell them there. Clif Bars will give you and your family an extra bit of energy if you know you won’t be eating for a while. They’re great to take with you if you’re biking through Italy.
  5. Advil: you never know how close you’ll actually be to a pharmacy, so bring all of your medication that you would normally take from home.
  6. Camel-back: These are usually easier to carry around than water bottles, but only fill it up with bottled water unless you know the drinking water is safe.
  7. A Polaroid camera: Giving out Polaroid pictures to people you meet on your journey is a good way to connect with them, and they will be very thankful for your generosity.
  8. Something conservative: You never know the dress code of the mosque, temple, or church until you get there and are searching for something conservative. Be sure to take it with you.
  9. A secure purse: If you can find a purse that has a fold over front, and a clasp, then that’s best. Purses with zippers are easy targets for pit-pocketers.
  10. Bag tags: make sure you label everything.