I’ve had trouble writing this blog post. I wanted to write something inspiring that communicated great wisdom.  After reading through so many well written articles about resolutions and the power of travel, I thought what else is there to talk about and who really is reading these blog posts anyhow, but I feel compelled to share how and why I started this tour company. And by THIS, I mean a wellness and well-being tour company.

After much time spent as a travel agent, sales director and manager for several travel companies, I wanted to create a specific tour company to incorporate all aspects of wellness and after much research, I noticed there wasn’t anything really like THIS out there. There are bus tours, bike tours, women only tours, yoga tours, hiking tours and I can go on and on, but nothing that provided all that in one company or tour for that matter.

Once I discovered this gap in the market, I saw the mission. I truly believe travel makes us better citizens hence the tag line, lifestyle tour. Experiencing another way of life is a head fake. When you think you’re an innocent bystander looking into a glass village, those inside change you forever. I love the obscurity of it all.

As a teacher, yoga instructor and Italian professor, teaching is the obvious but I’m always looking for ways to communicate life long lessons without directly teaching them. As a travel professional, I take personal interest in guiding guests toward their own life changing experiences or aha moments. This is what brings me great joy. In travel, the classroom becomes worldwide. Travel presents opportunities to experience traditions, cultures and a way of life that a classroom setting is unable to do.  In essence, Via Mondo is the classroom and the tours a syllabus.

On January 21st, I was part of the Women’s March and I thought, what am I doing to improve wellness and unity within my own community? What does lifestyle mean to me? What does Via Mondo invoke?   I truly believe wellness goes above and beyond spas and lavish hotel rooms. It’s the leaders in all of us. The joy we portray. The discovery of our own potential through the people we meet and the experiences we have. THIS is what I want for those who travel on a Via Mondo Lifestyle Tour. It’s simple. A combination of activities and places creates the change for a healthy and happy way of life.  Those who sign up are open to unity and allow wellness to settle in them. At Via Mondo, we are leaders in wellness and well-being. Whether we strive to improve a soul’s purpose, physical being or mental awareness, the object is to create an experience of wholeness.

I invite you to explore our tour options to Italy, but if you don’t find exactly what you are looking for, we will personalize a tour specifically for your own wellness and well-being. Our mission is to provide the tools to enhance your way of life, and lead a healthy one in mind, body and spirit.

May you have a healthy and happy new year!  We look forward to celebrating it with you.