Over the years, I’ve visited Italy every month.  Depending on where you go, Italy reveals a different side of herself.  There are several factors to keep in mind: weather, crowds and personal activities.  Whether you want to ski, hike, bike, swim, boat or lounge on the beach, location and timing are essential.

Here at Via Mondo, I make it a point to analyze an areas specialties, weather conditions and availability, so those activities you truly want to experience are accessible.  I strongly believe in providing the best possible experience in each location for a trip of a lifetime.  Here is a monthly breakdown to make your travels to Italy much more memorable.

For instance in Aosta, the ski season is much longer and much more enjoyable.  Skiing in March and April are the best months to enjoy the Alps and Monte Bianco.  The views from up above are absolutely amazing, only appreciated by the human eye.  No camera could possibly capture the awesomeness.

Over New Year’s Eve, Coumayeur is packed with Italians for the new year celebrations.  A row of three lines of professional skiers with hand held flares in colors of red, white or green ski down Mt. Bianco.  The entire evening is televised nationally.  Over Christmas week in Southern Italy, Matera becomes a living nativity where shop keepers and locals reenact a century old era.

January and February may be the most inexpensive time to travel to Italy and a great time to ski, snowshoe, ice climb or cross-country.  This time period, in my opinion, is the best time to visit churches and museums.  Get your art fix!

Easter usually falls between the months of March and April.  For families and educators, a quick visit to Italy is perfect, but plan ahead.  Fares are usually higher and there are crowds everywhere, but nothing is impossible.  With a bit of planning, a visit during the most important religious holiday for Christians filled with festivals and rituals is doable.  A spiritual getaway!

May and June use to be called shoulder season, but over the years these two months have been increasingly popular.  The weather is iffy.  Bring galoshes and your sunglasses cause you just don’t know.  During this time period, it is best to be flexible with your travel schedule and I make sure the customized activities are done correctly.  A planned itinerary is advised as all tour operators are in Italy.

Let me take you to July and August.  The hottest months of the year!  This, without a doubt, are months for those looking to enjoy water sports, beaches and if you like it a little cooler, then a mountain visit is my recommendation.  This is also the best time to hike the Alps or Dolomites.  Summer is a wonderful time to visit Italy.  Outdoor enthusiasts will find many activities to keep them busy.  Sicily and Sardinia offer up many outdoor adventures as a beach goer or a mountain lover.

Now into September and October.  These two months are seen by most Italiophiles as the best time to visit Italy due to the mild temperatures.  As most Northern hemisphere climates, it is harvest time with an abundance of delectable fresh nuts, fruits and vegetables.  The harvest of wines and olives are the most popular activities during this time period.  Since Fall has turned into the most desirable time to visit Italy, there are plenty of tourists among the crowds.  It gives me great pleasure to offer a variety of options to take you off the beaten path for an authentic experience in Italy.

November is quiet and the cool temperatures offer gilt free indoor activities.  Massage anyone?  Yoga?  For all those foodies out there, every month in Italy is a good time to really hone in on your cooking skills.

What other country with such extreme land diversity and a farm to table culture could say the same?  Take a look at the trip options.  If you don’t find a date or option that fits your travel schedule, contact us to customize your visit to Italy.

I’ll see you in Italy!