Via Mondo Travel Italy Vacations Chianti, Tuscany

"I can’t wait to peruse the trip documents. Thank you so much. Thank you for the travel and restaurant information. This will make getting to our destination easier. Once again thank you for all of your assistance." - Tamra

Here are some basics to know before you go about our wellness vacations and travel packages to Europe, South Pacific and North America. In case we haven’t answered your question, please CONTACT US and we would be happy to find the answer for you. Your question may make a debut.

Retainer Fee

As any professional, a retainer fee is paid upfront on all tailor-designed packages.  $200 a person of any size is obtained to secure the highest quality of service.  The retainer fee is applied toward the final balance 90 days prior to departure, otherwise the retainer fee is held for services rendered.  This benefits both parties.  For the traveler, it insures quality service and attention to detail and for the agency, commitment and sincerity.

Professional Counsel

A certified professional counsel is associated with the travel services needed for cruises, hotels and various tour companies and operators, which are researched extensively to ensure quality, value and legitimacy.  This takes time and effort as well as years of valued industry partnerships.  All connections are vetted before Via Mondo recommends a cruise, hotel, villa, apartment or service.  Your investment is taken very seriously and only the very best are recommended with proven services that meet Via Mondo’s high quality standards.

How can I get in touch with Via Mondo?

Please email, call or mail us anytime. We are also available for an afternoon ice cream or coffee break. We would love to hear from you. Visit our contact us page for complete details to request a detailed itinerary, or to receive more information.
We want you to travel stress free.

Who travels with Via Mondo?

We attract guests from all ages; couples, singles, families and those young at heart. To accommodate families and adults, we’ve designed tours specific to their needs. Most of our guests come from the States and Canada, but we also have guests from Australia and England. Via Mondo guests choose our tour packages to incorporate the mind, body and spirit. Our years of experience attracts groups who are interested in an active, gastronomic and spiritual lifestyle. These groups span from multi-generational families to corporate and alumni groups. There is a wonderful blend of diverse backgrounds.

What is a wellness vacation?

Via Mondo aims to infuse guests into the culture.  We provide personalized excursions, cultural connections, yoga sessions, unique dining experiences and sporting activities. We feel it is important to have a combination of different activities as well as a free day to explore a typical way of life and maintain your own well-being.  All accommodations on a wellness vacation have premium bedding and rooms, spa facilities, workout rooms, classes and sanctuary spaces.

Do you offer air only?

Absolutely!  There is an additional charge for air only requests.  If you are packaging the air with our escorted tour, wellness vacation or one of our custom packages, we offer reduced airfare rates.  You may apply your frequent flyer number to obtain miles/points, but we are unable to use points or mileage to purchase tickets.

What do I receive with an air ticket?

You can expect the same outstanding service from Via Mondo as you would from any ticketing office.

  1. You may upgrade your ticket. Many carriers do offer business, first class, and premium-economy fares, and the additional cost for these categories is approximately $2,500-$5,000 per person. Frequent flyer miles and/or airline coupons cannot be used in conjunction with our airfares for the purpose of upgrades.
  2. We will reserve your seats in advance if it is allowed by the airline.  Some airlines charge a fee for pre-selected seats and we will notify you of the fees as each airline charges a different fee. Should we prove unable to confirm your preferred seating, please feel free to contact the airline directly.
  3. Baggage fees are taken care upon check-in or when you obtain your boarding passes. Many airlines assess a fee for checked luggage, and these fees should be paid directly to the airline when checking in. Please be sure to check directly with the airline operating your flight. For example, if your flight was booked with United but operated by Lufthansa, then you should check Lufthansa’s baggage-fee policy.
  4. Please consult your airline prior to departure for the latest fees.You should also be aware that individual carriers may have different baggage restrictions for transatlantic flights than for inter-European flights. Inter-European flights tend to have more restrictions on baggage weight and luggage size than transatlantic flights and could result in excess baggage charges. In order to make the flying experience as pleasant as possible, it is important to check each carrier’s baggage restrictions prior to traveling.

Choose between 3 - 4 - 5 Star?

Our guests may choose from the following hotel categories:

3-star properties

Ideal for passengers seeking a clean and basic place to sleep in between sightseeing adventures, our 3-star hotel properties are adequate levels of comfort as well as basic amenities. All rooms include a private bathroom.

4-star properties

Ideal for passengers who want to relax and spend a bit more time inside their hotel, our 4-star properties have very good value as they have more amenities and services than 3-star hotels. Many contain elevators, porterage service, gyms, air-conditioning and in-house dining. All rooms include a private bathroom.

5-star properties

These properties are of the highest standard. The luxurious accommodations, superior service and location are unsurpassed. Many offer gourmet dining, bedding, concierge service and other amenities. All rooms include a private bathroom.

What kind of a room can I expect?

All of the accommodations we include private bathroom facilities that include sink, toilet, bathtub and/or shower. Room types and sizes vary by destination.

If you request a single room, it will contain one smaller, individual bed, and the room itself will most likely be smaller in size than a twin or double room. Triple rooms are usually a standard twin (or double) room with an added roll-away bed or sofa bed. For your reference, please read these general guidelines for bed types:

Double: One double bed which sleeps two guests

Twin: Two individual twin beds; each bed sleeps one guest

Single: One individual twin bed which sleeps one guest

Triple: This depends on the hotel. Possibilities include three individual twin beds, in which each bed sleeps one guest or alternatively one double bed, which sleeps two guests + one roll-away bed (or sofa bed) which sleeps one guest.

European vacations, please note that queen and king beds are uncommon. While some 4-star and 5-star properties may have some of these larger beds, there is no guarantee as the availability is very limited. That being said, we are more than happy to make a specific request with the hotel should that be your preference.

For European accommodations, please keep in mind, these hotel standards vary slightly from country to country. Additionally, hotel rooms in Europe are generally much smaller than in American or Canadian hotels, and for environmental reasons European hotels generally use less air- conditioning than American hotels.

Concerning room upgrades, many hotels often have superior rooms, executive rooms and suites available upon request. For the convenience of our guests who would like to upgrade their hotels rooms, our hotel booking system already has many upgraded-room rates loaded into its system. In some cases however, we will need to request the upgrade directly with the hotel and get back to you.

Please note that in general our hotel properties are unable to check in guests until 3:00pm. Should arrivals occur before this time, most hotels are more than happy to allow storage of baggage with the reception staff so that guests can begin sightseeing and other activities. Concerning the hotel’s check-out time, while it is best to check reception for the exact time, most hotels require check out by 11:00am.  All final documents will have the exact check-in and check-out times for the accommodations chosen.

What is ‘single supplement’?

All individuals deserve to have comfortable quarters at all of our accommodations. Those solo travelers who would like to have their own spacious room, we’ve arranged double standard rooms for added comfort. After a day of cultural activities, enjoy a room as roomy as your fellow travelers. In Italy, single rooms are often much smaller than a two person rooms. A Via Mondo Lifestyle Specialist is able to assist you with the details.

What is Connect?

Connect is what makes us stand out. In order to truly understand and connect with the culture, we provide small, intimate personalized tours. We give you the chance to meet locals, other than those in the service industry. Through service and collaboration friendships are created and intimate connections are made. We provide the platform and the rest comes naturally.

What kind of documentation do I need?

US and Canadian residents require a valid passport. Other nationalities may need a visa to enter the country. Check your nearest consulate for specific details to obtain or renew your passport and/or visa.

How much should I tip Via Mondo guides and tour guides?

Thank your guides by tipping! Gratuities for your Via Mondo guides or tour guide are not included in the trip price. It is customary to tip between 7 to 10% of the trip price to be divided up by your Via Mondo guide team and all other tour guides have been taken care of by Via Mondo.

If you are on one of our custom tailored trips, tour guides usually expect 2 – 3 Euros per guest.

What kind of information does Via Mondo provide to Travelers?

Time to get excited about about your all-inclusive, wellness or custom vacation!

After you become a Via Mondo guest, we send you a comprehensive confirmation email. It includes a detail itinerary and information to start the planning process. We will provide you with everything you need to know about your tour package before you go.

If you purchased a complete custom package with us (hotel, air, activities and transportation), then we provide you with a PDF printable form as well as an electronic APP format.  The final package will have your confirmations, vouchers and all the essential details all in one place.  We include restaurants, must see locations, travel information and tips.

Can I bring my kids?

We have specific tour dates designed with kids in mind. Please contact us for tour dates and child prices. Look for the acronym, FF: Family Friendly in the tour details.  This excludes custom packages, where you tailor-design your own trip.

Do you offer trip extensions before or after an escorted tour or cruise?

On an escorted tour or cruise, we offer trip extensions at hotels used before and after each tour or cruise. Our staff will request the information and confirm your additional nights via email. Additional service is available for a fee.

How do I book my trip?

Click on Sign Up and a Via Mondo Specialist will contact you within 24 hours to confirm your vacation details. You may also call us directly and we will take care of everything over the phone.