I’m on my way to Italy to host travelers to Sicily and Tuscany for a few weeks of summer fun, food and wine reconnecting with via mondo guides and hotel managers. Of course, a little fun while I work. Maybe, I’ll see Jay Leno in Italy! I’m not a big fan of car racing, but I am a fan of soccer. I’ll be in Italy while Brazil hosts the World Cup. The World Cup comes around every four years, but it is an extraordinary experience to watch the games in Italy. In the States, our three main sporting events are football, basketball and baseball. In Italy, it is soccer, soccer and soccer. Well, actually, Italians follow soccer first and for most, followed by cycling and then car/motor racing. In Italian, the difference between the words, political group and soccer game changes by one vowel: ‘partito’ is a political group and ‘partita’ means soccer game. In other words, soccer and politics share the same platform. There is also the Vatican in Rome, the center of Catholicism. It is by far the largest religious group in the country with only half of the population practicing the religion, while soccer spectators are by far the largest group in Italy, but more than half practice the sport. One may argue that Italy values their soccer team more than their political party and religious affiliation.   You see, this is a great time to travel to Italy. Since the last World Cup, they’ve voted Renzi as their Prime Minister, Pope Francis as the spiritual leader and now it is up to the Italian team to bring home the sacred world soccer cup as the leader of the most beloved sport in the world. Italy is not the favorite to win and I realize they are not hosting the world cup, but the air thickens with anticipation and the contagious energy spreads during the games.  Many cities place big screens in the center of town for residence to view the game together. It becomes a community event. Only soccer can unite Italy as a nation and create national pride.  A divided country on most fronts every region in Italy is like visiting another country. Each region differs in way of food, agriculture, architecture, language and landscape. Travel in any direction in Italy and the area transforms. It is absolutely divine to have a country offer so much within its borders. Less travel equals more quality time to connect with the lifestyle.  This trip is extra special because across Italy Italians will cheer and unite for the same team.

My travels to Italy is not about soccer, but to guide fellow fans to Tuscany and Sicily, and reconnect with my friends, colleagues and families. Through social media, I’ll bring you the latest news from Italy via photos and videos. It is a good time to be in Italy. If you are unable to join me this June, there is still time to celebrate Italian style this September and who knows what events will take place during our visit.

Ci vediamo in Italia! Forza Italia!  See you in Italy! Let’s go Italy!