Within the first 2 weeks of the World Cup, the intensity shifted from great pride to great disappointment.  The games shocked the Italians! They were unable to defeat their opponents.  We watched the first game at midnight in Rometta, a small mountain top town in Sicily.  For those who could stay awake, a live broadcast flashed over the screen in front of the castle wall.  The community placed the screen after an amateur local game and firework show.  During the Italian game, kids were playing, folks were chatting and soccer fans were sitting on the edge of their seats attentively watching the game.  This was Italy’s only win in the World Cup.  When the US played, we were on the island of Lipari and caught the game after a beautiful excursion to Panarea and Stromboli.  After a day of boating and swimming those of us who stayed up, were able to see US attack Ghana for their first win.  The day ended spectacularly!  This night, Stromboli displayed the fireworks.

In Florence, the next group watched the second game along the Arno River played by Italy against Cost Rica.  We took a break in our plans to cheer the home team among a huge crowd of Florentine fans.  Unfortunately, we watched Italy lose 1-0.  An early game allowed for an aperitivo.  An aperitivo is a common weekend outing for Florentine residents.  A buffet of appetizers and tidbits available with a cocktail drink.  A great way to drown out our sorrows.  The second game played by the US was a nail-biter.  Even though it was a tie game, it was a joy to watch.  The US was proving to be a contender on the world soccer stage.   Spain, the World Cup winner four years ago and European champions’, were the first eliminated.  With Italy out, the World Cup has been anything but dull.  In these World Cup games, the unpredictable and unexpected had become the norm. The most popular teams have been eliminated during the first round.

Soccer fever has taken over the nation!  As the US soccer team advances to the second round, there is plenty of buzz spreading around the country.  It feels like were back in Italy.  The next US game is today, July 1st at 4:00pm EST in the do or die match against Belgium.  The spring tours are over and we’re back stateside to celebrate the games along side US soccer fans.  Guests were able to experience soccer fever in Italy and they continue the festivities in the US.

We couldn’t have planned these tours any better.  With Via Mondo, it’s spontaneous and adventures.  Guests receive a connective experience anytime of year on any tour.  We take great pride in creating unique travel itineraries.  Contact us to learn more about our 2015 tours. We’ll make it memorable.