Give us your body for a week and we’ll give you back your mind ~ The BodyHoliday Le Sport

Sun Swept Spa Resort

BodyHoliday Saint Lucia has been a leading holiday of health and well-being for the past 20 years. By combining an active, fun filled beach vacation with exercise, therapeutic cares, good healthy food and relaxation, The BodyHoliday discovered the secret of living well-balance. That sense of balance has ultimately led to a natural harmony between ancient Eastern preventive wellness practices and Western science. Body Science is the embodiment of that learning now offered to our guests. Live Longer and Live Better.Dedicated to the pursuit of optimal wellness, Body Science uses cutting edge technologies such as DNA testing. Combined with the preventative Eastern approach to well-being, the program will take personalized health, fitness and nutrition programs to the next level. The fully personalized programs lead our guests to improved health and well-being, and healthy ageing.

What's Included

Serenity Guest Rooms including Pillow Menu & REN bath

Exclusive upon arrival massage with one additional 50 minute treatment from list

All-inclusive 5 restaurants & 3 bars customized diets & Ayurvedic cuisine

Activities & Classes

50 minute inclusive spa treatment per day for men and women

Voluntourism: Our Connect Program

All gratuities for baggage, porters and hotel service

Shuttle service from George FL Charles Airport & Hewanorra International Airport

Lifestyle Specialist Expert Service

Sample Week

Day 1
Exclusive upon arrival massage with one additional 50 minute treatment from list provided by BodyHoliday Saint Lucia.  For the first two days restart your sleep restoration by selecting your pillow from their menu of options and enjoy a REN bath in your luxurious Caribbean guest room.  Take the welcome tour at BodyHoliday and get acquainted with the facilities.

Day 2

They put together a series of treatments to assist the promotion of quality sleep and retrain poor sleeping habits.  After a restful sleep with your selected pillow, you restore your sleep pattern with a pre-selected signature spa treatment of Shirodhara and Shiatsu.  Today attend a yoga workshop and core strength session.

Day 3
Begin the morning with an hour of Vinyasa yoga before Breakfast. Continue your restorative sleep spa treatment with reflexology and an aromatherapy massage.  Complete your day with a special customized Ayurvedic meal and a Caribbean DanceFit class.

Day 4
Now that your sleep pattern has been adjusted, enter the world of Body Renaissance.   They are unique and traditional massages from four different regions of the World.  Allow them to pamper your body to revive and restore your good health. With your bicycle tour to Cotton Bay and body stretch class, enjoy a Thai Massage from Thailand “the land of the free” spa treatment and a Marma Massage from Kerala “God’s own country”.

Day 5
Head to the crystal blue green Caribbean water with one of BodyHoliday water sports like paddle boarding, kayak, learn to water ski and try your hand at wake-boarding.  You continue your Body Renaissance with Chavutti Deep Barefoot Massage, the therapist uses their feet, while holding onto overhead ropes for balance.  Incredible!

Day 6
The perfect day to take a morning walk to Mount du Cap!  Get fitness advise with your very own one on one personal training session.  It is also a good time to brush up on your gulf or tennis technique before your Hawaiian Lomi Lomi spa treatment and sunset yoga class.

Day 7

Before you head back home, take Saint Lucia with you with a Ocean Memory, Marine Sensation Ritual spa treatment.  Your flight home will be that much more enjoyable!


BodyHoliday Saint Lucia is a great beach vacation but it goes beyond the boundaries of a regular beach vacation; it is designed to be the most relaxing and rejuvenating beach vacation in the world. BodyHoliday Saint Lucia makes a promise, “give us your body for a week and we’ll give you back your mind”. Guests enjoy a prepaid spa treatment everyday of their vacation while taking advantage of the most comprehensive activity and exercise schedules of any resort in the world. What makes it great is that you can do as much or as little as you like, enjoy an active fun filled vacation or choose to lie back and do nothing at all!With its range of treatments, therapeutic cares and activities from archery to scuba diving, spinning to Pilates, Ayurvedic treatments to Reiki; your vacation can be fully personalized with the help of the BodyHoliday Saint Lucia Specialists.

Room Information

  • Rooms: 155
  • Suites: 8
  • Treatment rooms: 33

Theme Months

January & February: Mind & Body Wellness

March & April:  Spring Sail

May:  Ayurvedic Therapy

June:  Jive June

July & August:  WellFit Families

September: September Solos

October: OctobaYoga

November: WellFit & SwimFit

December:  Restorative Break

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