Valentine’s Day may be over, but it’s never too late to show your love. Give back to your significant other. Via Mondo has compiled a list of the top eight most romantic things to do in Italy and Saratoga this month, next month, or whenever you’re feeling plain old lovey-dovey.

1. Wine tasting: What’s more romantic than tasting some of Italy’s most distinctive wines? Castiglione is one wine city where you can do just that. Via Mondo plans a private wine tasting at a private estate for you and your partner.

2. Exercise: Exercising increases your endorphins, and it’s also the perfect way to escape the sometimes hectic hustle and bustle of traveling. Take a bike trip through the many trails of Messina in Sicily, or take a hike in the beautiful EU preservation village.

3. Cooking class: Cooking is bound to bring you and your partner closer together. When you go back to your home country, you will be experts at making some classic Italian dishes. Ditch the burnt pasta pans, and learn how to make some tasty pasta dishes al dente. Prepare a signature Tuscan meal on Via Mondo’s tour of Tuscany.

4. Be royal for the day: Walking through some of Italy’s most grandiose castles and fortresses will keep you feeling like you two are on top of the world. A visit to Rometta and its fortresses, grottos, and castle ruins will make you closer than ever.

5. Picnic: Have a picnic in the Peloritani Mountains, which are located in the southern region, or go to the largest forested area in Sicily, the Nebrodi Mountains. Share a bottle of Nerello wine while taking in the breathtaking landscape.

6. Sail: Boat ride through Neptune’s Grotto or through Alghero. Watch the sunset and take in the beauty of the surrounding area. Another beautiful romantic getaway is La Maddalena, where you can explore the Archipelago National Park.

7. Spa treatment: Aosta is the perfect place for you and your significant other to try skiing together. The challenge is sure to bring you closer. Cozy up to a fire after a long day, or try out Aosta’s thermal bath and spa treatments for a day to remember.

8. Get competitive: There’s nothing that will bring you two together like a little competition. Saratoga hosts the best Polo matches. Put on your best hat and brace yourselves for the time of your life. It’s like taking a stroll through history.