The travel industry is undergoing enormous changes to give you peace of mind and confidence.  Hotels and resorts are taking extra precautions adding additional cleaning services, stricter check-in procedures and more room service.  Expect to wear a mask. Airlines will sanitize planes before every departure. You will find empty middle seats on all US airlines. Cruises are changing every touch point and restaurants increase dining space.  Temperature checks are the new normal and expect these checks at the airports and cruise ports, in the restaurants and at all hotels .  All these measures taken to serve less travelers at a higher cost, but will this cost be passed on to the consumer? Prices will certainly not be cheaper and lucky for us, many plan to keep the price point the same.  

It is my prediction overseas travel will resume in December of 2020 just in time for the holidays.  2021 travel is smoking!  Travelers are reserving river cruises and winter trips.  Now is the time to plan, whether you want to cruise the rivers of Europe, ski on spectacular powder or lazily lay on a Caribbean beach.  Deposit and fee policies are enticing to make it easier to confirm your dream vacation.  For travel this summer, Via Mondo Travel has been busy formulating relationships with nearby resorts and hotels to give you the safest option with the most amenities and perks.  Even though travel will be limited this year, the experience doesn’t need to be.  There are several options to choose from just a short drive away.   Pack your loved one and your family to these regional favorites.  All these places have been vetted and approved by Via Mondo Travel.  The properties went through an extensive scrutiny of questions and inquiries to make sure they are taking all the safety measures.  Each one offers exclusive amenities to Via Mondo guests and extensive safety protocols that meet Via Mondo Travel standards. The reputation of Via Mondo Travel relies on the relationships formed with villas, hotels, operators, cruises, resorts and the like.  Your safety and trust is Via Mondo’s top priority.  Let’s talk about the best places to visit this summer by car.  

Everyone knows about Canyon Ranch in Lenox, Massachusetts, which is offering spa credits to Via Mondo guests.  One of my favorite properties is located in Maine.  Cliff House Maine is a great summer vacation spot for the entire family. Ogunquit, Maine is just a few minutes from the property with hiking trails and golf course nearby.  For another summer getaway, take a look at Shou Sugi Ban House in The Hamptons, a 13 room destination spa retreat of wellness.  A wonderful way to zen out.  For a mountain getaway, head to Vermont Twin Farms.  If you want to head south for a bit of warmth, there is Wave Resort on Long Branch in New Jersey offering spa credit and breakfast. Long Branch in Jersey is a favorite of mine.  Long Branch is a short drive from New York, easy to get to and the water is warm enough for a swim. 

Click on the properties above to view a list of inclusive amenities, browse photos and play videos to learn more about them.  Contact Via Mondo Travel for additional information and exclusive Via Mondo value.  If there is a property or location not mentioned, but you would like to receive information, email Rosemary directly.  Rosemary will negotiate and create the perfect package.  The value you receive is value added for Via Mondo Travel.  To receive monthly updates on additional properties here and abroad, sign up for the Via Mondo newsletter.  Follow Via Mondo on Instagram and Facebook. 

We will travel again!