My trip to Sardinia was part business part personal.  I mixed hotel visits and guide meetings with boats, beaches and hikes.  After a long layover in Rome, I finally arrived to Sardinia and found this fabulous restaurant on the way to Porta Rotondo.  They use cork platters to serve the dishes. To my surprise, Sardinia has many cork trees.  Anyhow, this unique and rustic restaurant was packed with locals, a great sign.    The food was exceptional!  Costa Smeralda has several ports nestled into coves loaded with yachts, high-end retail stores and restaurants, a playground of sorts.  Sailing around La Maddalena Islands is the thing to do in Palau and I would highly recommend a visit to Maddalena.  Getting around by bike is wonderful way to enjoy Maddalena and Caprera. The resort also has a wellness center with several spa treatments to enjoy and take in the exceptional bay views.

Alghero is probably the most picturesque European style town on the island.  There is something for everyone!  I could have stayed here for the entire week.  A bike ride into town or just outside the hotel on the trails of Porto Conte National Park is a great way to see this area.  Just north of Alghero is the island of Asinara where the Albino donkey’s live and also one of the most spectacular white sandy beaches I have ever seen.

The drive to Bosa from Alghero is a scenic ride just under an hour.  The main attraction in Bosa is the medieval castle located on a hill in the center of town, which gives visitors a birds eye view of the area.  Locals here head to popular limestone water holes, which look like naturally made swimming pools.

The last place I visited was Su Gologone, an experience hotel.  The hotel is decorated with artwork from local artists.  The works are intentionally displayed around the hotel to enhance the ambiance and it draws attention to Sardinia’s culture, rituals and traditions.  There is an art workshop, a pool and a wellness center, but the best part of Su Gologone is the history and location.  A family owned and operated hotel in the Super Monte mountain range has a ton of character.  A dinner fit for a king! Well, in this case, a queen. I tried all sorts of traditional delicatessens.  The wait staff was professional, prompt and extremely pleasant.  They were a delight, which made the dinner a treat.  A yoga class and an adventurous hike up to Tiscali is part of the experience here.  That morning, the breakfast spread astonished me!  A 20×20 room filled with all kinds of mouthwatering goodies could satisfy anyone’s appetite.  I didn’t know where to begin.  I wanted it all!  Do I go to the pastry table, cheese table, meat table, fresh squeezed juice table, fruit table?  Not only is the breakfast vast with fresh ingredients; the view is equally amazing.

My travels to Sardinia went above and beyond my expectations.  There is the Spanish town of Alghero, the local traditions of Su Gologone, and the lush and luxurious ports of Costa Smeralda.  For a detailed look into our Sardinia tour, designed by yours truly, go to our Sardinia page and click on the detail itinerary tab for a copy.   I would love to share my experiences with you.  If you are not a Lifestyle junkie, follow our newsletter to receive a 10% discount on next year’s trip.

See you in Sardinia!