The Universal Exposition is a growing trend among travelers. It only comes around every five years and has a duration of six months (May-Oct). This year the Expo has chosen Milan as its host country. Recently the tendency among those well versed in travel is to venture to Italy and explore what the Universal Exposition, commonly called the Milan Food Expo, has to offer. Some of the things most sought after at this world fair are the fresh and innovative discoveries and technologies. The idea behind the Exposition is that each country attends and with it brings a platform for a concept or demonstration of what it can best offer the world at the time.

This Expo, although a travel trend of late, is a legacy all its own. Originally founded in London at The Crystal Palace around the year of 1851 it allows all the participating countries to show off in front of one another. Some of the most historic pieces that have been created as a result of the Expo are pieces of architecture or forms of art. The most renowned creations of this fair would be the Eiffel Tower, the Atomium of Brussels, and the Space Needle in Seattle. Wherever the Expo goes, prosperity accompanies it. The fair brings together great minds as well as ideas from all over the world to one place to share and collaborate their concepts and designs.

In recent Expos a shift has occurred, however, from concentrating on ideas that display a countries’ strength to concepts geared toward aiding the world. And that is why the theme of the Milan Food Expo is “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life.” The topic is meant to reflect the growing need to balance mans need for sustenance as well as respect for the planet and its needs.

This year the Expo has 145 official participants from a wide array of countries as well as 3 International Organizations. These participants create the pavilions that are the platforms for their Food Expo Concept. A great starting place for the Expo is Pavilion Zero. This Pavilion is a site that “takes visitors on a captivating journey to explore how much humankind has produced, the transformation of natural landscape, and the culture and rituals of food consumption.” Another popular area is the future food district; here is prototype of what a supermarket might look like in the future when nature and technology interact in a meaningful way. There is also a children’s park, which is packed with games and interaction so that children can learn as well as be entertained.

The United States Pavilion focuses primarily on America as a responsible and sustainable global food leader. America’s platform resembles a traditional farming barn and will showcase ideas for the Expo. The goal is to establish an excitement and appreciation for American cuisine, chefs, and products. Aptly named “American Food 2.0: United to Feed the Planet” because the goal is to aid in the fight against hunger and establish lasting sustainability.

The host country, Italy, is “The Nursery of Italy.” It is titled Nursery because they are fostering projects and talents to grow and flourish. The tree is a symbol of growth and is a focal point of the pavilion as it is constantly interacting with the nature surrounding it.

There are many captivating pavilions to investigate at the Milan Food Expo. Over 145 and counting, the opportunity to explore many countries is abundant. It is no wonder why the Milan Expo is a growing trend among travelers. Not to mention that this Food Expo is located in the Exotic city of Milan where is already a plethora or things to do. It is a once in a life time experience to see what not only Milan but the world has to offer.

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