I was watching one of my favorite Italian shows, Che Tempo Che Fa. It’s similar to the American television newsmagazine program, Sunday Morning. I was so excited and thrilled to see Jay Leno interviewed by Fabio Fazio, the host of the show. Fabio asked him several questions about late night hosting on the Tonight Show over the last 20 years. He didn’t say anything we haven’t heard already of course, but it didn’t stop Fabio to tempt Jay into saying something poorly about someone or a skit. Jay was clever enough to avoid Fabio’s trap.

Most importantly, Jay’s in Italy! All tan, relaxed and happy. Well, of course, he just finished the Mille Miglia, a thousand mile open-road endurance course, as his first trip out of showbiz and into retirement. Mille Miglia took place several times between 1927 and 1957. The race started and ended in Brescia, Italy. I assume he went with Grand Classic Tours, which organizes these long weekend excursions using classic sports cars similar to those used by the racers, when it was an official road race. The company only allows a certain amount of drivers on this weekend endurance trip. The course intertwines in and out of small villages and towns going at speeds well around and over 100 miles per hour. At the time, racers traveled on country roads while passing millions of fans, and now car enthusiasts follow the same course. The race was spectacular, but deadly. Eventually, they had to put an end to the race, due to the high incidents of injuries and deaths among spectators and drivers. For those car lovers like Jay, this is an extraordinary adventure, which mimics the feel and essence of an endurance race once admired by Italians.

Jay Leno is not only witty and smart, but he has good taste. He chose Italy over a million other places in the world to speed a vintage car. Perhaps, Jay wanted to return to his Italian roots or live out one of the many movies which have reproduced the Mille Miglia endurance race. Who am I kidding? He just wanted to drive fast in a cool car in an awesome place. When Mille Miglia was an official race, Italian drivers with their Alfa and Ferrari dominated the podium. Such an impressive event that Alitalia airlines named their frequent flyer program Mille Miglia. The drive and passion Italians’ have draws travelers from all over the world. Whatever an Italian loves, rest assured, they will put their whole heart and soul into it. That, my friend, I can guarantee. Italy is a mecca of great adventure, wonder and awe for all sorts of travelers. One can always find something to do, admire and learn in Italy. The country showcases its riches in many forms, which provides us with a cornucopia of goodies. A culture eager to share their knowledge, passion and interests as I intend with lifestyle tours. Join me on similar adventures wandering the corridors of art, food and cultural. Adhere to the Italian lifestyle with active excursions and wellness activities. The formula is simple: turn the key, start the engine and go!
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Forza Italia!