The gorgeous Aosta region of Italy is known for its mountainous regions and ideal skiing opportunities. The climate and nature of the Aosta area creates a perfect escape for those who love winter getaways, but the region that is known for its appeal to ski-tourists has many other things to bring to the table that appeal to a wide range of people simply looking for a breathtaking place in Italy to travel to. With its incredibly beautiful mountains and scenery, the Aosta region is the perfect place for the best photo opportunities.

While the region has an abundance of ski related activities, it offers so much more. Via Mondo tours take you around the region and through sightseeing Alpine adventures full of opportunities for dining on the endlessly appetizing cuisine options throughout the area. Because the Aosta region of Italy is so close to France and Switzerland, it is a cultural hub.

The area is also rich with gorgeous, old Italian architecture that is sure to impress. The Roman architecture that is speckled across the region is a lovely addition to any sightseeing trip and makes for fun photo opportunities and allows for the culture and history of the region to make its way into your trip. The area is rich in history, and tours of the area are sure to spark conversation about the area and how it has evolved over the years.

Skiing isn’t the only winter sport that you can take advantage of in the region. Whether you like cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, snowboarding, or even ice skating, Aosta is sure to offer it. In the warmer months, trekking, hiking, mountain biking, and even paragliding are popular activities in Aosta.

There are also plenty of opportunities in the region to shop, and there are many towns and villages that exhibit the local culture in food and fashion. Touring and immersing yourself in these villages for even a small amount of time is a rewarding part of your experience in the Aosta Valley.

Because it wouldn’t be a trip to Italy without tasting some of the world famous wine, the Aosta Valley region offers wine trails that allow visitors to really be immersed in Italian culture and experience the Italian wines native to the area. Appeal to the whole family! If you enjoy snowshoeing, but fine wine appeals to your partner, the Aosta Valley has something to offer everyone.

Whether eating, shopping, skiing or wine tasting is your forte, the Aosta region of Italy is sure to offer you and your family a gorgeous Italian getaway full of cultural hubs and adventurous activities that are unique to the area. The breath-taking views from the mountains of the Aosta Valley are sure to draw anyone in and leave them wanting more!