Transform Yourself. Transform The World.

100% of our net profits from Golden Door are pledged to organizations that transform childrens’ lives.

A Way of Life

The Golden Door experience empowers each guest to achieve a healthy balance of mind, body and spirit.Guests relax, restore, and refresh in elegantly simple comfort on a journey focused on personalized fitness, skin care and nutrition, thoughtfully designed to meet the specific goals and needs of each individual. Located in a serene coastal valley between San Diego and Los Angeles, Golden Door is 600 acres of natural, mountain and meadow terrain including more than 30 miles of hiking and walking trails. With mountains to climb, vistas to discover, Japanese gardens to inspire and a bamboo forest that gives voice to the wind, guests are surrounded by breathtaking beauty that nurtures the soul. Guests are served farmtotable cuisine incorporating produce grown on the property, ensuring that it is fresh, wholesome, clean and flavorful. The resort’s accommodations are limited to 40 guests per week creating a unique camaraderie.

What's Included

A private room with your own garden deck or patio

Exclusive Bamboo Face Scrub (3 oz) + Golden PeelaWay Masque (3 oz) + 1 oz. Kasu Soap (any scent)

All organic meals

A meal plan that reflects your dietary needs and preferences, weekly cooking class, group farm lunch or dinner and nutrition education classes.

All Activities & Classes with 25 miles of private trails

Detailed skin analysis and personalized treatment recommendations

5 skin care sessions including 1 body treatment

Daily in-room massage

2 herbal wraps

Manicure and pedicure

A deep conditioning or a shampoo and finish

Voluntourism: Our Connect Program

All gratuities for baggage, porters and hotel service

Complementary town car service from San Diego or Los Angeles area airports

Lifestyle Specialist Expert Service

Sample Week

Day 1
The moment you enter through the golden doors, cross the yatsuhashi inspired footbridge and release your cares at the turn, you will be nurtured, guided and transformed in our legendary, all-inclusive, 5- or 7-day body and mind program.

Day 2

Start your day with one of four guided hikes on 30 miles of private trails through fragrant citrus groves and pristine mountain switchbacks. Breakfast in your room awaits your return along with your bespoke schedule of fitness classes, spa treatments and mindfulness sessions. Fortunately, your closet is stocked with all the freshly laundered workout wear you’ll need each day.

Day 3
You might have yoga, archery, boxing and a session with your personal trainer before lunch. A facial, body treatment and meditation class in the afternoon. One thing is certain, your masseuse will be waiting for you in your room at the same time every day to condition your body to go further the next day.

Day 4
The incredible lightness of eating pure, fresh, biointensive-farmed meals from our gardens is transforming you from the inside and doing wonders for your outsides. A cooking lesson in our kitchen and a breakfast with our nutritionist will inspire you to continue clean eating at home – if you ever decide to leave.

Day 5
Tai chi on the mountain, a guided labyrinth walk, nights of camaraderie over convivial dinners with just 39 other guests. It’s all designed for reconnection – to yourself, to the bigger picture, to the joy of laughing out loud.

Day 6
Stretch yourself with TRX training, Pilates, haiku writing or some precious time with your thoughts in our bamboo forest. This evening may feature a mind-expanding guest speaker from the worlds of the arts, sciences, food, entertainment, healing and conservation.

Day 7

Your last day includes either a scalp treatment or a deep conditioning,shampoo and blow dry as you prepare to step back into the world. A celebratory dinner (with wine) and a final labyrinth walk together marks a week of rejuvenation and re-imagination that will inspire you to open new doors.

Golden Door

All rooms are single occupancy only with a private bath and, true to its inspirational heritage, a sliding door to the outdoors, for both views of, and access to, the surrounding Japanese gardens and the vast sky beyond.  Golden Door was originally designed in the style of a ryokan, a traditional Japanese inn that welcomes weary travelers. Guest rooms are organized around four courtyards and a sand garden, each offering degrees of quiet and proximity.

They maintain a staff to guest ratio of 4:1 to meet your every need without interruption or delay. Maid service is provided twice daily. Staff is available for any personalized needs your stay with them may require.

You needn’t pack much for your time with them.  They provide warm-ups, shorts, t-shirts and terry robes, all laundered daily, plus a yukata, a casual cotton kimono, and sandals. You will also receive Golden Door skincare products, a reusable water bottle, sunscreen and sunhats during the sunny seasons, and a rain poncho or windbreaker for those rare rainy days.

Room Information

  • Rooms: 41
  • Treatment rooms: 9

Weekly Offerings

They offer weeks dedicated to Women only, Men only and Coed weeks. One hundred percent of Golden Door’s profits go to select charities across the U.S. that are dedicated to transforming the lives of children.  Contact us for inclusive  7 Day cost.

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