This 15th of August may come and go to some, but in Italy it is a greatly celebrated holiday. Ferragosto, is a holiday rich in the history of its country. It originally began as a mid August feast in the days of the Romans; and then when Christianity gained popularity, the celebration coincided with the Assumption of the Virgin Mary.

You may ask what is the Assumption of the Virgin Mary? Well in short, it is the Christian holiday that commemorates the day that the Virgin Mary passed away and ascended into the Heavens. This day can also be referred to as the Assumption for short or Ferragosto. This holiday is comparable to the 4th of July in the United States. It is a time to celebrate the heritage of your country as well as kick back, relax, and enjoy the day.

Today, Ferragosto has transformed into a beacon that signifies the start of Italy’s summer holiday period. Many people sojourn in Italy for Ferragosto and within it to trek toward beaches and mountains for the festivities. Some of the revelries include parades, music festivals, and fireworks to name a fair few. The official dates of this break are August 15th to Spetember 1st. The tricky part about this is that only the 15th of August is an actual holiday while the rest is up to interpretation.

During this time frame local shops and restaurants are closed because, generally speaking, most of the workers are taking their well-deserved vacation. Some other institutions that would not be running during this holiday are post offices, government buildings, banks, as well as school and other educational services. This does not, however, interfere with tourist shops or duplexes around the tourist areas.

A few tips to keep in mind as you travel through Italy on this holiday are as follows. It is a holiday so be warned it will be crowded. The main tourist locations are just what one would expect, tourist locations. The locals are enjoying a sabbatical just like the tourists, so local stores and venues will be closed. A helpful hint on this subject is to book your vacation early. This way you don’t have to worry about sky-rocketing prices or not being able to get exactly what you want out of your trip. Moreover, if you are an international traveler extraordinaire don’t forget to check the weather. The climate of your home country will vary from your chosen destination and different parts of Italy vary in temperature as well. There are frosty mountains as well as tropical beaches depending on where you are in the country.

On a more enjoyable note, one of the more well known Ferragosto areas to go to are Rome’s Gran Ballo di Ferragosto, which has varying styles of dance in each square. Another well-known place to try is the festival of the sea or the Festa del Mar. The fireworks display is said to be amazing and provide delectable food and music. Castelli, is a more remarkable festival. For this particular Ferragosto the citizens of Abruzzo celebrate by throwing flawed ceramics from a height and watching them splash across the streets. These are just a few of the multitude of festivals available to the public once the fun of Ferragosto begins.

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