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Whether you are sailing down the Danube or along the Rhine, traveling by river will get you closer to landmarks unique to the area.  The destination is the focus on a river cruise.  Home visits and exploration to unique, “off the beaten path” places is where you will dive into the culture.  When it comes to river cruising the inclusive features are boundless.  You get attentive service, complimentary beverage at every meal, comfortable guided tours and visits to UNESCO world heritage sites, all the while, keeping your ecological footprint and environmental impact to a minimum.  River cruises allow you to unwind and relax for a more intimate affair.  Many term river cruise ambiance as “Country Club Casual”.  Travel at your own pace with a river cruise.  The comfort of small, clean, green ships take you off the beaten track and into a place of well-being.

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Set sail on a Viking River Cruise, the world’s leading river cruise line. With Viking River Cruise, you’ll journey threw the heart of Europe.  Viking is also rated world’s #1 ocean cruise line by Travel & Leisure readers.  Get the same quality service with a Viking Ocean Cruise.

“Beyond exceptional & very relaxing!!!” – Gary, an avid cruiser from Syracuse & Windstar devotee.

Windstar has similar qualities as a river cruise.  Just like a river cruise, Windstar has unique itineraries with fewer people onboard and no crowds along with no formal nights.  You get to cruise with “Like-minded” people who enjoy great food and great service.  Their six ships hold an average of 200 guests and they have two ships that hold only 148 people, which sounds like a river cruise.  Because their ships are small, they can take you to unique ports and hidden harbors where the larger ships can’t go.  Windstar is the official cruise line of the James Beard Foundation, which is proof of their quality and expertise.  They offer two different ship styles, and design journeys that highlight their unique attributes, whether that might be island hopping in Tahiti or sailing through the Norwegian Fjords.

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