Welcome or shall I say, Benvenuto to Club Mondo.

What is Club Mondo?

Club Mondo is a Via Mondo loyalty program that allows you as a valued traveler to gain benefits and exclusive opportunities from Via Mondo as a way of not only saying thank you for being such an amazing part of this business, but to also connect you to amazing deals and exclusive offers only for Club Mondo members! We appreciate you, so let us show you how thankful we are!

How do I become a member?

Becoming a member of the exclusive Club Mondo comes following your first tour with Via Mondo. It is an added bonus to your wellness getaway, and with the added perks and benefits, there is no better club to be a part of. It is automatic after your first trip completed with Via Mondo, so there it is a stress free program in which you have nothing to do but gain from!

What are some of the benefits of being a club member?

The benefits that you will receive by becoming a member of Club Mondo range from advanced notice for limited edition wellness trips to industry partner discounts. Club Mondo members also earn benefits such as Club Mondo emails with exclusive information and offers and a thank you package following your wellness trips. If you’re still not convinced, club members are also moved to the priority list for sold out wellness packages and receive photo books following your trips that highlight all of the wonderful parts of the experience.