The Best Time to Visit Italy

Over the years, I’ve visited Italy every month.  Depending on where you go, Italy reveals a different side of herself.  There are several factors to keep in mind: weather, crowds and personal activities.  Whether you want to ski, hike, bike, swim, boat or lounge on the beach, location and timing are essential. Here at Via […]

Market Day in Sicily

Markets are an excellent way to understand the Italian lifestyle in Sicily where vendors sell their products and locals challenge their value.  The interaction is played out beautifully between the seller and buyer.  Over the centuries, the performance has been perfected. The only way to truly experience the authenticity is to take part in the […]

Your Guide to the Best Beaches of Italy

A few days of beach time during your vacation will give you the opportunity to wind down after a jam-packed itinerary full of sightseeing and cultural experiences. Whenever possible, we create beach stays to add to your vacation so you can relax along some of the finest beaches in Italy. Have a look at our […]

How To Experience the Best of Italy This Summer

Summer is upon us! With that said, summer travel is crazy in Italy making it especially important to plan ahead.  We’ve come up with some great tips to assist you with your travels for a smoother, relaxing vacation.  Here are proven strategies and solutions to avoid common mistakes and get the most out of your […]

Tuscany without the Crowds

Saturday, October 3 – Classical Concert Day In anticipation of our trip to Palermo for a concert at the Teatro Massimo, the largest opera house in Italy, we spent a leisurely morning in town. After a light breakfast, we went out for a long walk to try to get an exercise routine going. Eventually, we […]

Sicily Bay

Travels 2 Sicily Through Food

A group of friends made their way to Sicily and spent most of their vacation around Palermo visiting towns, eateries and popular local venues. This entry comes from an italophile, who takes us along the journey through her encounters of food, people and towns. This entry is the first 2 days of a 20 day [...]

Sicily Temple

7 Things You Didn’t Know About Italy

The name Italy comes from the Greek word italos, meaning “calf”. In the beginning, it was a Latin word spelled Vitalia meaning calf-land. In ancient times, the land was seen as fruitful in cattle, and the people identified with the creature because it brought them prosperity and riches. It can also be interpreted as a […]

My Trip to Sardinia

My trip to Sardinia was part business part personal.  I mixed hotel visits and guide meetings with boats, beaches and hikes.  After a long layover in Rome, I finally arrived to Sardinia and found this fabulous restaurant on the way to Porta Rotondo.  They use cork platters to serve the dishes. To my surprise, Sardinia has […]

10 Reasons to Travel with Via Mondo

Wellness; Each Via Mondo tour offers the unique options of lifestyle and wellness activities to help you relax and connect with yourself on your vacation. Yoga classes are always offered, and with the beautiful Italian landscape as your backdrop, it will be effortless to become at ease with yourself and your surroundings. Customization; Via Mondo […]

Saratoga Horse Season

Saratoga Hats Off Weekend began on a perfect sunny day. I’ve been traveling to Saratoga during opening weekend for the last few years and I love the festivities. An organized trip over the Whitney Race or Travers Stakes are popular for high stakes sports betting, but the vibe that Saratoga permeates the first opening weekend […]