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"We wanted to let you know we returned home from our adventure, and all we can say is thanks! Everything that was set up by you and your team went flawlessly. From rooms, to shuttles, to flights, everything went perfect." ~ Rob & Michele


Welcome to Via Mondo Lifestyle Tours! My name is Rosemary, the owner and founder. Let me tell you a little bit about myself before I go into the the tours.

In 1973, I took my first trip to Sicily to visit family, and over the years built lasting friendships. Since then, I’ve traveled to Sicily and Italy countless times in 40 years. The travel bug was forever in my soul. Never really letting go of my heritage, I studied Italian since high school, practiced Sicilian at home and lived in Messina and the Florence for 2 years completing my Masters at Middlebury College. Since 2001, I have worked in the travel industry sharing my love for exploration and discovery. Over the years, I have worked for a tour company, a travel agency and a study abroad institution, which has brought me to Via Mondo. I want to share my love, my passion and my experience with others.

Via Mondo Wellness Rosemary

Our Formula

Wander. Peruse. Return.

Via Mondo Lifestyle Tours are designed to magnify a travelers’ experience.  Over the years, I have sailed on cruise ships, taken bus tours, active adventure outings, volunteer trips and solo vacations.  While every one of them were unique and different, I was looking for a deeper  experience.  Via Mondo sets out to deepen these experiences on each tour.  I discovered through research, studies and my own travels, that vacationers were looking for personal, hands on experience, flexibility, and guidance like myself.  The words, “wander, peruse, return” are the essence of these tours.  Via Mondo would like guests to have the chance to wander an area on their own, peruse sites with scheduled visits and activities, and return with fond memories and cherished friendships.

Via Mondo

While thinking about the concept, I wanted to create a name to have a significant meaning, which encompasses the entire idea.  It so happens that Mondo means ‘world’ and ‘via’ means path or avenue in Italian.  With these two words together, the name was perfect.  Via Mondo takes you around the world along the path of discovery.

We also use vans to transport you from city to city or town to town. When possible, we’ll arrange public transportation with the group to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum. A group of 13 guests is ideal and a perfect number to mingle and work with. We believe seven passenger vans give added comfort that outweighs their cost. There are no buses with us, unless we are taking public transportation.

To bring all these options to you on one tour, we created these semi custom tours to make your trip unforgettable. We’ve organized forms and details to get to know you and your interests.With our connections in Italy, we can create a unique package to suit your travel needs.

We stay away from easy and popular venues; instead, we take you to places unknown, which require more planning. Easy to get to areas and popular venues are left up to you in your free time, although we’ll be happy to arrange the excursions for you. These tours put you in the driver seat.

There is nothing in the travel industry that puts all these opportunities together. Via Mondo tours are not active adventure tours, bus tours, culinary tours, women only tours, singles tours, or any other type of tour familiar to travelers. They are all this and more. These tours enhance your connection with the place you visit. There is no other word to describe such a unique and personalized tour other than “Lifestyle.” We are focused on and dedicated to providing you with a unique experience. Touring has never been this awesome. We plan to change your perception of touring and help you come to love it, the Via Mondo way.

The Via Mondo Turtle

The turtle symbolizes longevity, prosperity and good fortune. The turtle churns up words like sure and steady, wisdom, guide, mentor, persistence and the continuation of life. The design of the turtle was a discussion I had over the phone with my brother, who had sketched the concept a few years back. I wanted to tie in the meaning of mondo with the meaning of turtle.

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