Welcome to Via Mondo, a travel company I have prepared my whole life for.  I put to use my skills and knowledge to create, execute and share a meaningful travel company to bridge two cultures together. As a child, I felt like a Sicilian living in America, but when I traveled to my parents’ home town, I was the American visiting Sicily. Confused and torn about my identity, I struggled for years between the two. Who was I? Was I an Italian-American or una Americana? Fortunate to have parents who shared stories about life in Sicily and our family, I grew up proud of my Sicilian roots. To keep the heritage alive, I learned the language, history, literature and art. I would soak up the proverbs, stories, recipes and anything that would tie me to the land, the people and the customs. As a responsible adult, I thought I had to let go of these silly romantic ideas and my obsession with Italy. For many years, I refused to speak Italian or think about Italy. I believed I needed to grow up and leave that world behind. Hanging on to a dream only led me into a fantasy world. To break free from this, I shunned my Sicilian roots, broke apart my creativity and led a life along side the Joneses. With a job in banking, making a considerable amount of money, and doing what was expected of me by society, I was broken and worn out. Who am I to think I could dream, believe or make a contribution? I had a good job, a house, time and money for vacations and a loving family. Why was I not happy? The idea was to move on and grow up. Wasn’t growing up about forgetting childhood dreams? Things didn’t feel right. After a bit of soul searching, I decided to make a change. Thinking about what I loved most and what I was most passionate about; Italy topped the list. Leaving behind the financial world, I looked towards travel. In the beginning, many in the travel industry had discouraged me and had advised me to stay in banking, but that was not an option. As a travel agent, the foundation for a long lasting career had begun and I never looked back into finance. Unaware where the journey would take me, only my intuition as a guide, I was on my way to fullfilling my hearts’ intention.

This week, I’m off to Italy to inspect hotels, and speak to vendors and guides. Looking forward to seeing my family, friends and making new connections. It is both exciting and scary. This trip brings up so many questions and concerns. These feelings are all part of the journey. To be able to show and share my adventures with you is incredible. Next year, I look forward to having you along. This moment has been patiently anticipated, that is, the moment when I carve my own path in this vast world. I truly believe, these tours hit upon the right combination to carry out my vision. Join me on this journey and stay tuned to fabulous discoveries we both will take together.

A Presto! See you soon!