1. The name Italy comes from the Greek word italos, meaning “calf”. In the beginning, it was a Latin word spelled Vitalia meaning calf-land. In ancient times, the land was seen as fruitful in cattle, and the people identified with the creature because it brought them prosperity and riches. It can also be interpreted as a link to an ancient myth regarding Hercules. Hercules brought back cattle to an old king as one of his heroic tasks. While he brought them back, one of the cattle jumped into the sea and swam to a neighboring nation. This nation was Italy.
  2. Italy is an overall mountainous and hilly country. There are also 14 Volcanoes in the vicinity of Italy. On a tour with Via Mondo, you have the chance to visit Mt. Etna, one of these volcanoes. There is also the opportunity to visit the historic site of Mount Vesuvius. This volcano is the subject of many movies and books as its historic significance grows.
  3. The uppermost summit in Europe is in Italy. Monte Bianco is 15,771 ft. high and is located in the Alps. Moreover, it is also one of the sites Via Mondo goes to for the skiing portion of the tours. There is a small town called Courmayeur located at the base of the mount where travelers stay during their trip, and they can rest and relax after a day of skiing.
  4. Italian is similar to Spanish, Portuguese, and French, as it is a romance language with Latin roots. For example, love in Latin is amare, in Italian it is amore as well and in Spanish it is amor. The French say love French as amour, and the Portuguese say ame.
  5. Italy is the 5th most visited country. Tourism is key to the economy and provides over half of Italy’s national income. It helps the locals as well. On tours with Via Mondo you visit different local sites to try new things such as native cooking classes or wine tastings. There are even options to try your hand at restoring artwork. These excursions are fun as well as beneficial to the people that are teaching you.
  6. Italy is among the world’s top forerunners of the fashion world. It is home to more famous fashion houses than any other country. On an expedition to this country, you can take in the style and apply new ideas or pieces to your closet at home.
  7. Opera, also known as intermezzi (immediate pieces), originated in Italy around the conclusion of the 16th century. In Florence, a group of bards and artists attempted to reinvent Greek dramas. It quickly grew in popularity and spread to the surrounding countries. Today modern opera is regarded as a form of high art and can be seen in Broadway shows across the world.