1. Food

Who doesn’t love trying new things? By journeying to new places, you get to try all sorts of new foods, flavors and spices! Whether or not the food is enjoyable matters less, at least you can say you tried it. From escargot, to caviar, to edible insects, it is all available once you start to travel.

  1. Fun

Going to new places is always a fresh and exciting experience. You get to try different things and relax at the same time. You could go skydiving or visit incredible museums and national landmarks. You could relax at a beach or swim with the wildlife. Whatever you want to do is up to you, it’s your vacation.

  1. Adventure

After traveling, you are more stimulating to others. You appear more adventurous for trying new things and for not being afraid to reach for something new. Also, you may have more thought-provoking ideas after your excursions. This could potentially help in the workplace by generating new ideas or in your private life for more entertaining stories. Don’t underestimate the power of adventure!

  1. Locals

Half the fun of travel is seeing the locals. Get away from the plastic world they advertise and see where the locals go. Whether the locals go to a scenic place to watch q sunset or there is a local eatery everyone goes to, it’s bound to be fun just seeing the local area and culture! Moreover, the locals know the best places the to go. For example, where the best food is available or the best shops where authentic things are sold.

  1. Learn new things

Educate yourself on the world around you, and learn some random facts. You won’t just feel smarter, you will be! Some of the psychological benefits of travel are increased brain activity and mind elasticity. So, by traveling you are actually aiding your education and health! Also, you can wow your friends and family with all your newfound knowledge and wisdom.

  1. Try something new

Do something fun and exciting. Have a story to tell to your friends and family that isn’t something everyone has already heard at the water cooler. Seeing things that are not commonplace opens our eyes and allows us to see things from a new point of view.

  1. Amazing pictures/Bragging Rights

By traveling to new places, you get unlimited bragging rights to say that you went to a new and awesome place that your friends and family haven’t been to yet. You can wow them with your awesome travel stories and then dazzle them with your super cool pictures. You will be the envy of all your friends as you post to your hearts content!

  1. Broadens the mind

Open your eyes and see a new world. Escape from your routine and see someone else’s. If you sit in an office all day wouldn’t you like to see something other than the glowing light of your computer screen. Or if you sit in boring meetings

  1. Helps you appreciate what you have

Being far from home helps you realize what you have. When traveling and seeing other cultures, you recognize the differences from what you have at home and what your surroundings offer you. Going abroad also gives you the opportunity to interact with new people. These new people enable you to appreciate your friends and family at home in ways you never would have noticed otherwise.

     10. Give in to your wanderlust

By definition, wanderlust is a strong desire to travel. At some point in a person’s life they desire to see what is beyond their hometown. Travel gives you that opportunity, why not take it and see the world.