1. Wellness; Each Via Mondo tour offers the unique options of lifestyle and wellness activities to help you relax and connect with yourself on your vacation. Yoga classes are always offered, and with the beautiful Italian landscape as your backdrop, it will be effortless to become at ease with yourself and your surroundings.
  2. Customization; Via Mondo offers the option for you to make each trip your own. While we offer itineraries for structure and organization, it is very easy to choose to do certain activities that aren’t listed, making each trip your own!
  3. Adventure; Via Mondo offers a variety of activities and opportunities for adventure on your trips. For example, and our tour to the Aosta region, skiing and other winter sport activities are options for you to explore your more adventurous side. Hiking and bike tours are also available in a lot of our tour locations, and there is always something new and exciting to try in Italy!
  4. Amenity; Travelling individually with an agency is always an option, but Via Mondo offers the convenience and allows you to have a stress free vacation! When you travel alone, you have to worry about paying for a planning every little detail about your vacation. When travelling with us, it’s all included, allowing you to have a worry-free trip.
  5. Club Mondo; After travelling once with Via Mondo, we don’t want your experience to end there. We give you a photo album highlighting your trip to Italy, and you are automatically enrolled in Via Mondo’s Club Mondo program that will give you exclusive benefits in the future. Such benefits include being on a priority list for sold out tours, industry partner discounts and more!
  6. Options; We allow you to make each trip your own by allowing you to choose activities that you do and do not wish to participate it. Whether you prefer to have a more relaxing vacation or an action-packed one, Via Mondo makes sure that you’re satisfied.
  7. Destination; We offer a variety of locations in Italy that may not fit the standard idea of an Italian vacation. While Rome and Venice are incredible places, Via Mondo offers more unique trips to places like Aosta and Tuscany.
  8. Togetherness; Via Mondo offers small tour sizes that allow intimacy and individualization between tours. It is a lot easier to meet everyone’s wishes and give everyone their ideal vacation with small tour sizes, and it allows friendships to be made and more experiences to be had.
  9. Culture; The cultures of the regions that we travel to are unlike any other. With Via Mondo tours, you are able to immerse yourself in the culture of the area and connect with the people and activities that are unique to each area. Whether this is through cooking classes, wine tastings or other activities, you are sure to be left feeling educated through experience.
  10. Expertise; Via Mondo staff is not new to the game. Coming from a background of thorough knowledge about Italy and travel, we are able to make each tour the best that it could possibly be.