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Display Lifestyle Features

  • Complimentary Kripalu Yoga Classes
  • Guided Hikes/Walks
  • Tastings (Wine, Chocolate, Olive Oil, etc.)
  • 3-6 Guests on Private Excursions
  • Entrance Fees
  • Cooking Classes
  • Wellness Activities
  • Soft Adventures
  • Expert Guides
  • Transfer to & from Airport
  • All Accommodations
  • All Breakfasts, most Lunches & Dinners
  • 7 Passenger Van Transport to & from Activities
  • Free Style Travel Options
  • Cultural Immersion Program
  • Intimate Experiences
  • Experiential Travel
  • Top-Notch Lifestyle Specialists

Our Formula

Our lifestyle tours, wellness tours, luxury tours, and intimate tours are a perfect combination of planned visits and free adventures. They incorporate cooking classes, wine tastings and a variety of food excursions. There are artistic endeavors like music, dance, performances, and works of art, and activities like walking, fishing, hiking, boating, running, and biking. There is a chance to give back to the community with our exclusive connect program. In addition, these are wellness tours with yoga classes and morning reflection. Each tour allows a day or half a day to explore the area on your own with the added comfort of a guide at hand to support you.  You are never alone with Via Mondo, but if you want some time to yourself, we honor your privacy and sense of adventure. Our goal is to give our expert advice, so your vacation is spectacular and one of a kind. There’s more!

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IMG_2507Sign up for our Via Lifestyle Newsletter this month, receive a 10% discount on your 2016 tour to Italy.  Good on any tour! If traveling to Italy is on your bucket list, you might consider booking a trip today! Via Mondo is offering a 10% discount on any of our 2016 tours to Italy. Whether you’re interested in winter sport in the Alps, cooking classes in Tuscany, a hiking adventure in Sicily or perhaps you are simply looking for a beautiful region to experience Italian culture while shopping and wine tasting, Italy is the place to go. Sign up and save!  Adventures and gorgeous getaways await!


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