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Lifestyle Features

Yoga Classes
AM Hike/Walk
Tastings (Wine, Chocolate, Olive Oil, etc.)
3-6 Guests on Private Excursions
Entrance Fees
Cooking Classes
Wellness Activities
Fun Adventures
Expert Guides
Transfer to & from Airport
All Accommodations
All Breakfasts, most Lunches & Dinners
7 Passenger Van Transport to & from Activities
Free Time
Cultural Immersion Program
Intimate Experiences
Top-Notch lifestyle Specialists


These tours are a perfect combination of planned visits and free adventures. They incorporate cooking classes, wine tastings and a variety of food excursions. There are artistic endeavors like music, dance, performances, and works of art, and activities like walking, fishing, hiking, boating, running, and biking. There is a chance to give back to the community with our exclusive connect program. In addition, these are wellness tours with yoga classes and morning reflection. Each tour allows a day or half a day to explore the area on your own with the added comfort of a guide at hand to support you.  Market-1You are never alone with Via Mondo, but if you want some time to yourself, we honor your privacy and sense of adventure. Our goal is to give our expert advice, so your vacation is spectacular and one of a kind. We also use vans to transport you from city to city or town to town. When possible, we’ll arrange public transportation with the group to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum. A group of 13 guests is ideal and a perfect number to mingle and work with. We believe seven passenger vans give added comfort that outweighs their cost. There are no buses with us, unless we are taking public transportation.

To bring all these options to you on one tour, we created these semi custom tours to make your trip unforgettable. We’ve organized forms and details to get to know you and your interests.With our connections in Italy, we can create a unique package to suit your travel needs.

SpiaggiaWe stay away from easy and popular venues; instead, we take you to places unknown, which require more planning. Easy to get to areas and popular venues are left up to you in your free time, although we’ll be happy to arrange the excursions for you. These tours put you in the driver seat.


There is nothing in the travel industry that puts all these opportunities together. Via Mondo tours are not active adventure tours, bus tours, culinary tours, women only tours, singles tours, or any other type of tour familiar to travelers. They are all this and more. These tours enhance your connection with the place you visit. There is no other word to describe such a unique and personalized tour other than “Lifestyle.”   We are focused on and dedicated to providing you with a unique experience. Touring has never been this awesome. We plan to change your perception of touring and help you come to love it, the Via Mondo way.



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